Our Major Policies in Markham

Ontario Environmental Alliance Party wants to build a safer and better future for the young people of Ontario.

That’s why we want to put in place a large number of policies that will help improve our community.

Renew Our Economy and Preserve Jobs

Ontario Environmental Alliance Party has put in place policies that will help get the economy back on track and fund government programs. Our policies :

  • Guaranteed 40 hours of work each week with benefits for life for people who work for big companies, who will only be allowed to have 5% of their work force part time.
  • Cancel all scheduled tax increases on tobacco & alcohol for the next 10 years, reduce current taxes on tobacco & alcohol by 25%
  • Fight so called “FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS” to cancel them if they are not made fair trade agreements. This will help to bring back manufacturing and jobs and prevent them from leaving our country.
  • Disband the Ontario Municipal Board ( O.M.B) as its just a rubber stamp for so called development and replace it with a new Environmental Protection Agency. (E.P.A) With real people to protect the environment and the economy
  • Protect all farmland. No farmland can be sold to a so called developer unless approved by the (E.P.A) with strict new rules
  • End all immigration except for Families reunification for a further 5 – 10 years. This alone will reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions 50%, more than meeting our targets for the next 40 years. This alone will save us $10 billion annually, and pay for the above programs.
  • No more negotiations in manufacturing that will put people out of work unless approved by the (E.P.A) which will also have responsibilities for people's economic environment.

Immigration may be important to economy, but it is also a legitimate concern for most


Our major policies Markham

Protecting Our People

Ontario Environmental Alliance Party has also come up with a list of policies to protect our people:

  • 1,000,000 for every Ontarian 18 years and older after 20 years, by creating a National Heritage Fund in conjunction with our Federal Party of one trillion dollars. This will take 20 years to complete
  • Senior citizens will be covered 100% for all medical care recommended by a Doctor, Hospital & Drug prescriptions, no fees.
  • Nationalize Hydro One 100%, freeze Hydro rates for the next 10 years & cut current rates a further 25%.
  • No restrictions on Family Farm members on selling or transferring ownership of farm land within families.
  • To help make housing much more affordable, a minimum of a 35% - 50% foreign buyers tax, possibility of 100% if needed.

We are pushing for genuinely affordable homes


Our major policies Markham

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