Ontario Environmental Alliance Party

Recently established, Ontario Environmental Alliance Party is a political party that aspires to build a strong economy.

We accommodate the interests of all Canadians!

Ontario Environmental Alliance Party

Welcome to Ontario Environmental Alliance Party website, citizens of Ontario. You will find our top policies for our new political party here. Please note that there will be many more as we define them in detail. We did not want to over saturate you with all these new ideas, but to give you a strong sense of where we’re coming from.

Besides, we have to build a strong base to help prevent the liberals and the others from stealing our policies and ideas. As we know, we have seen them doing it constantly recently, and over the years. The other parties don’t even seem to complain, at least not much.

Political ideas should be like copyright, you can’t steal them or use them without the written consent of the other political party. You will find a short explanation of each of our major policies. Thank you for checking out our new website.

Bold ideas that prioritize our people and our economy


Ontario Environmental Alliance Party Markham

We’d love to hear from you!

What We Stand For

To transform Canada, Ontario Environmental Alliance Party has come up with a wide variety of new policies. Our party is people-centred and wants to find real solutions to the problems we are currently facing.

We have seen what happens when liberals lead the country and we believe that we have the answer to an economically healthy Canada. Our movement has a positive vision for this country and we plan to Canada better than it has ever been before.

Finding real solutions to the problems we are currently facing


Ontario Environmental Alliance Party Markham

Our Long-Term Plan

Protect Jobs

No more negotiation that will put people out of jobs.

End Immigration

Put an end to immigration, except for Family Reunification.

Protect Our Farmlands

Strict approval process for all farmland sales.

Your country needs you.

Take action today! Join our party, and together let’s change Canada.

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